Sora Atame (Witch)Edit


Atame is a young witch of about 17 who wears long frilled skirts, often of a reddish color. Her hair is long and flowing and her features are distinctively rounded. What she lacks in muscle mass she makes up for in captivating beauty.


Atame is subject to rapidly changing moods depending on her situation. However, when she's more stable of temper, she tends to cling to a relatively happy, cheerful sort of state. She's very fond of candies and sweets, and, when in cheerful disposition, she's very eager to make friends with nearly anyone. She's also very protective of the witch race, despite her disagreeing with the divide between the DWMA and the witches, and will often be enraged by anyone badmouthing witches.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Glass Cannon: While Atame's magic powers are superb, her physical abilities and stamina are severely lacking: a couple good hits can take her out easily.

Broomstick Master: As a result of her frailty, Atame prefers aerial combat. She's highly skilled when it comes to broomstick manipulation and is very hard to catch when in the air.

Mood Swings: Atame has elemental based powers that change depending on her current emotion, for example:

  • Her anger's expressed in flames
  • Her sadness invokes the rain
  • Annoying her makes the ground rumble

Stats (Witch, 50 points to distribute)Edit

Vitality: 6

Physical: 2

Soul Wavelength: 14

Soul Projection: 13

Speed: 10

Weapon Skill: 5

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