She is usually kind and sort of cheery, though she often likes to get analytic and question people's motives. Anyone who she considers her friend is someone she is willing to work with as long as they have some level of intellect. She considers herself rather smart, but is never very forward when she judges people. She does like to judge others, but she keeps her observations to herself.


Human Form:  She has light violet hair, often tied into two long braids, and she leaves bangs hanging down her face. Her eyes are a darker purple, which contrasts with her pale skin. She always wears dark black gloves studded with white inlays. She often opts for a skirt and button down, though she isn't opposed to wear other outfits. She is about 5'6", skinny with a rather average looking build.


Weapon Form: This is her weapon form into which she can transform. It shoots bursts of concentrated soul wavelength.


Hinata was the daughter of a military adviser in Japan, who served as a detective for the higher government. Their family was known for the blood needed to transform into a weapon, and her mother was often accompanying her father out on missions as his weapon. However, this made her whole family a target for the japanese mafia, who, after one particularly intense drug bust, set the Kitsugi household on fire. In the resulting flames, She burned her hands, which disfigured them, they give her no pain but are red and slightly gnarled. She therefore wears gloves to keep them under wraps.

She also lost her father, and now she only has her mother, who decided to send her to the DWMA as she was 15 and ready to start high school. Hinata wants to live up to the example her mother and father had set for her.

Meister PartnerEdit

Yujiro Noguchi


Partial Transformation: (currently two limbs)

Multiple forms: Her weapon mode is able to switch between two forms at the moment: Her revolver form and her accuracy point: The sniper rifle mode.


Vitality: 6

Physical: 5

Soul Wavelength: 7

Soul Projection: 7

Speed: 8 

Weapon Skill: 7

Total: 40

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