Who is your character? Are they usually kind, reclusive, eccentric, insane, etc? What are their likes, dislikes, stuff like that? Just give us a basic knowledge of how your character acts around others and who they are. Please avoid making a Mary Sue or just copying a canon character.


Human Form: What does your character look like? Are they young, old, small, big? What color are their eyes and their hair?

Half Monster Form: What does your Monster character look like when they let some of their true form show? Do they have claws, a tail, animal ears?

Monster Form: What does your Monster character look like once they become their true form?


Why is your character who they are? What happened in their past to make them who they are today? No, you can't be the long lost brother of Lord Death or Maka's great grandfather or something like that. You're a character living in a universe separate from the canon story.


Transformation: (Describe)

Magic: (Describe if you have it, give level)




Soul Wavelength:

Soul Projection:


Weapon Skill:

Total: 40/46/50

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