Pallas tries to be a kind, reserved individual at first glance who loves to read and learn, being eager to uncover secrets and figure out complicated riddles and patterns. She would rather be able to write and create arts and crafts than destroy, but being a witch, destruction is a part of her nature, as well as being extremely cautious and slow to trust people despite her cheerful facade. She does genuinely wish to make friends eventually. Despite her somewhat reclusive nature, she has a competitive streak that makes her fiercely determined to win at seemingly trivial things. Despite her knack for being overly competitive at times, she tries to be kind and friendly to get along with, and doesn't appear to know what it means to be overtly aggressive, often being overly apologetic if and when she accidentally hurts anyone (be it hurt in body or in pride.) However, as a witch, the Sway of Magic has a way of bringing out her truly violent tendencies. When she needs to compete or defend herself, she begins very cold and calculating, assessing any potential strengths or weaknesses of competitors for potential threats, holding back, but as a fight drags out she gradually becomes more and more aggressive and decisive, and eventually to the point of being almost uncontrollably hostile to anything she sees as a threat. Trivially, she prefers the night over day, known for complaining rather passionately about how she dislikes the sun. She also despises anything sour-flavoured, but unusually enjoys most things bitter-tasting.


A young woman, looking somewhere in her late teens, but how she dresses makes her look mature for her age, even though she is actually incredibly young overall for a witch, seeing as they can live for hundreds of years and remain youthful. Her usual attire is usually highlighted with large circular glasses with small feathers on the sides, large boots, and an oversized sweater that all have owl-like motifs. MORE DETAILS TO COME ONCE I WORK OUT A GOOD CONCEPT SKETCH TO SCAN IN




Soul Protect: (Requires 5 Soul Wavelength)

Magic: Owl Magic: "Hoot Hoot Howl Owl Owl How"

Primarily, Pallas' Owl Magic bestows upon her traits of the namesake animal theme

- Enhanced sight/ analytical skills

- Enhanced jumping/aerial gliding

- Increased melee fighting skill, especially kicking

- Advanced shape manipulation: Creates various weapons and armour, namely large talon-like claws around her boots, a large round shield, and either a short sword, or multiple spears that can be launched as javelins


Summon Owl (Weapon Skill 5)

Pallas can summon a tiny brown owl, a saw-whet owl, named Kufu. Kufu is able to help see for Pallas, using shared eyesight. Kufu is also adorable as hell.


Vitality: 9

Physical: 9

Soul Wavelength: 8

Soul Projection: 11

Speed: 8

Weapon Skill: 5

Total: 50

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