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/r/SoulEaterRoleplay is a subreddit for, well, Soul Eater Roleplaying. Members should make a page for their characters so that we can all keep track of them and such.

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Flinroe (Flin)

Appearence Flinroe is quite the peculiar looking individual. He is of average build and muscle tone, average height of 6ft. But strangely he doesn't look human. his skin is a pale sickly green, his eyes are pitch black, his teeth are sharp, his ears come to a point and he has light grey hair that comes down over his forehead. Flin wears a simple white hoodie that seems much too large for him with a black t shirt underneath. he wears tattered baggy jeans that come over the tongues of his skating shoes. Flinroe carries a large claymore conveniently named Claymore. Claymore is a large 7.5 ft giant with red sin and small tusks protruding from his mouth. Claymore wears rugged patchy joggers and bronze bracers. no shoes, no shirt. full service. (Kinda)

Abilities Fortunately or unfortunately for Flin, Claymore has severe narcolepsy, causing him to feel extreme drowsiness almost constantly. his giant blood keeps him fit and full of vigor but he is only awake about seven hours in a day, in short you will rarely see Claymore in his giant form. but when Claymore is awake Flin's power increases substantially. in a given fight Flin plays with his opponent, defensively looking for weaknesses or holes in their technique waiting for the sleeping giant inside his blade to awaken. once he sees a hole (depending on the situation) Flin will send a soul wavelength to Claymore. if Claymore is awake he will send back a wavelength and they will reach resonance for a short time in witch Flin gains immense strength and speed. the harder they fight though, the faster Claymore burns out. but sometimes claymore is just too tired to fight and Flin is all alone.

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