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Solomon is very serious about his work. His soul is very strong but he will never flaunt his power. When he starts something he makes sure it's completed especially any kind of job. He was never able to make friends too easily and because of this he never found a partner, he was able to train himself to use the energy of his soul to fight without a demon weapon. He is defensive of the few people he truly cares about but if befriended he will make a great ally.


Solomon has long red/purplish hair and bright yellow eyes. He is fairly tall and stands at about 6'2. He has a muscular physique and practically no scars on his body despite all of his training. He normally wears a black cloak and white pants. Even during training. Along with his cloak is a light armor shoulder pad for his right shoulder, which is covered by fur. 

Soul Appearance: Solomon's soul is larger then a normal humans, much larger. It's size expands out of his body and with soul perception can be seen. It is a dark blue color with a symbol on top of it that resembles a the fangs of a wolf


Solomon uses a sword that he has been training with his whole life. Although it is not alive he has a bond with his sword and would not give it up for anything. He is able to project his soul wavelength through it with ease. 


Vitality: 5

Physical: 8

Soul Wavelength: 8

Soul Projection: 8

Speed: 9

Weapon Skill: 9

Total: 48


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