Yujiro is an intelligent man, being that he is a teacher at the DWMA. He is also rather friendly, especially towards the reclusive, shy students, as he was at one time also a very quiet young man without many friends.


He is fairly tall with a rather lean build. His hair is short and brown and he has a small bit of chin hair. He will usually wear black pants, a black suit with white stripes, and a matching cap.


Yujiro had always been a social reject. Due to this, he tends to do whatever he can to make others happy, even if it means allowing others to take advantage of him. He use to be quiet and very lonely until his Weapon and now wife Hinata helped him open up to the world around him. He is now a rather social guy, and will still do anything in his power to make his friends happy.

Weapon PartnerEdit

Yujiro is partnered with Hinata Kitsugi. The two quickly became romantic with each other after being paired up. They have been through much together and have recently married each other.


Soul Perception: Yujiro has high skill in seeing other's souls

Soul Resonance: He has all but mastered his and Hinata's Soul resonance. He also gives off a somewhat strong Resonance aura

Soul Striking: Yujiro's Soul Striking is slightly varied from others in that it sends out a powerful wave of electricity.


Vitality: 10

Physical: 5

Soul Wavelength: 15

Soul Projection: 18

Speed: 4

Weapon Skill: 18

Total: 70

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